City As School Responds to the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

November 02, 2012

Dear Staff and Students:

Hope everyone is safe and recovering from the impacts of the storm.

We are currently making phone calls to all staff and students to make sure everyone is okay and accounted for.

We’re also working to use all the resources we have available to support each other during this difficult time.  We are a community and a family and are ready to be here to help and serve each other.

Please see the attached document for important resources and phone numbers for emergency relief.
  In addition to these resources, will have emergency funds for immediate needs for those most affected.  Please reach out to Alan if you could use this support.

We will be open on Monday and our school building will be set up as a safe place to get relief, support and assistance.  Please make it in, if you can and feel free to add your own resources (blankets, food, flashlights, chargers, etc.) to the relief efforts.

We understand that it may be difficult for many of you to get to school on Monday due to the limited Subway Service.

To provide you with alternate routes, we highly recommend you map your route using Google Maps.

How to use:
1) Click on “Directions”
2) Enter your address
3) Enter the address of the school (16 Clarkson St. NY, NY 10014).
4) Click on the public transportation icon (Looks like a Train) and it will give you the best route using buses and other transportation that is operational.

Additional Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resource Links:

Crisis Response Resources for City As School Staff, Students and their Families Recover from Hurricane Sandy


  • Office of Emergency Management Disaster Mental Health Support Call Center 347 396 7952
  • 1-800-LIFENET: Toll-free and confidential Mental Health Information and Referral Line with access to Mobile Crisis Team.  Staffed by trained Social Workers 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year;
  • (HITE is a free online resource directory for mental health services and other community resources. Click Social Services, then enter address for services in your neighborhood)
  • Sesame Street Hurricane Toolkit  Hurricanes, storms, and other natural disasters can be difficult for young children who may not fully understand what’s going on around them. These tips, activities, and videos can help them feel safe, cope with emotions, and understand that there is hope for the future.

Crisis Response Tools for Schools and Networks
Crisis Intervention Overview 2012-2013 School Year

Crisis Response & Recovery Protocols for Networks and Schools
Includes the Networks and Schools role in preparing school communities for a crisis and Crisis Response Checklist

Sample Notification Letter to Parents 

Sample Scripts for Students and Staff Notification

Guidelines to Safe Room

NYC Children’s Services, Borough Based
Mental Health & Social Services for NYC Youth


National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators

National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Self Care for Educators

JBFCS, Trauma and Loss Bibliography

Helping Your Child Cope with a Traumatic Event: Guide for Parents

Bereavement and Grief Counseling

Tips for Dealing with Grief of a Student or Staff
Traumatic Grief Reading List

New York Life Foundation Bereavement Guide – After a Loved One Dies

Crisis Management Institute (CMI), Activities for Processing Loss or Grief

Relaxation Training Using Imagery for Children

Bereavement Support: Guidance from Calvary Hospital

Grief Counseling Resource Guide: A Field Manual. This manual has been developed as a guide for those who encounter individuals reaching to trauma related grief reactions in the course of their outreach work.

Navigating Children’s Grief

New York Life Foundation: (FREE) Resources for Grieving Children & Families; Bereavement Camps for Grieving Children (Camp Erin services ages 6-17, Comfort Zone Camp Services ages 7-17).

Reimbursment Forms

Fund for Public Schools: Chancellor’s Bereavement Request Form

Human Resources Administration: Burial Claims Application Process

Reimbursement for medical expenses from NYC


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