• Admissions Director Lucy Small speaks to interested students at an Open House

  • One Student At A Time

    As one of the largest, oldest, and most well-known transfer schools in the city, City-As-School has a large number of applicants each year. We work hard to make sure that every student is given an appropriate consideration, and ultimately winds up in the position to finish their high school education successfully. For the past 30 years we have had one staff member who focuses on working individually with each of the student applicants to answer their questions, analyze their documents, and prepare them for their first classes and internships at City-As-School. Students who are not accepted will receive guidance as which options are available to them throughout the NYC school system.

    External Learning

    There are a number of things that students need in order to be successful at City-As-School. First and foremost, students arriving at the school will go out to local business, schools, and community programs from our catalog of over 500 internships. The external learning is easily the most important part of our school, and one for which we have received international recognition. Experience has shown that older students are more successful at internship, and there are only so many academic credits that we can offer students at internships. In order to maintain our internship focus, we have traditionally looked for students who are at least 16 years old with 16 academic credits, including 2 in science and 2 in math, to ensure that students can get the most out of our internship program. Additionally, we need to interview each student to make sure that the student truly wants to do internships. It is bad for both the students and ourselves if we are forcing a student out into the world when they are not ready, or not interested.

    Portfolio Based Assessment

    City-As-School is also a member of the Performance Standards Consortium which means our students have to finish a number of portfolio based assessment tasks instead of the regents. This is important to our school because we have a deeply held belief in the importance of performance assessment as well as the inherent inaccuracy of standardized testing. When students apply to our school we need to ensure that the students and their families are interested in this type of learning, because the students will have to shift to our project-based style of learning. We require portfolio pieces from students in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies regardless of whether they have passed regents exams in those areas, because this type of learning is important to who we are as a school.

  • Open Houses

    Students who are interested in applying must attend an Open House at City As School.  These are held regularly and students can attend the campus on a regular basis and we take new students at multiple times throughout the school year.

  • Attending an Open House...