These documents are useful:

Note, due to COVID-19 related school closures we understand it may be more difficult obtain these documents from your school. Please do the best you can. We can also accept screenshots of Pupil Path.


How To Transfer 

Step 1 – Fill out the Online Intake Form

You will receive an email invitation to our 30-min recorded Open House.

Step 2 – Watch our Open House (Recorded or Live)

Note: Students should have approximately 16 high school academic or subject area credits to enter, including two credits in both Math and Science.

Step 3 – Intake Call

You will receive an intake notification by email. Intake will be conducted by phone. Please try to have the required documents ready.

Step 4 – Admission

Once a student is accepted, he/she/they attend(s) a virtual orientation session and is assigned to an advisor. If a student is not accepted, he/she will be counseled and referred to another transfer school or GED Program.

For more questions please contact:

Lucy Small, Admissions Coordinator