Alumni/CAS Community


City-As-School Alumni Association

CITY-AS-SCHOOL graduates are courageous, creative, talented and unique people.  We have shared a wonderful educational journey together, and one, we hope, that will never end. THE CITY-AS-SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (CASAA) continues to search for ways which allow our alumni to stay connected to each other, as well as to the school.
CASAA has two major purposes.

First, we are dedicated to the continual support and encouragement of our GRADUATE COMMUNITY, and former staff, by providing the following services:

  1. Fostering communication: reconnecting old friends and making new friends.
  2. Networking graduates for career opportunities.
  3. Sharing our mutual and unique CAS background and experiences to help                   strengthen and maintain the CAS tradition.

Second, we are dedicated to assisting our Graduate Community in their efforts to support the SCHOOL AND OUR CURRENT STUDENT POPULATION by providing:

  1. Mentoring and tutoring
  2. Guest alumni speakers; Speaker’s Bureau
  3. New internship placements
  4. Scholarships and awards
  5. Financial support for ongoing student activities, including trips
  6. Assistance with computer programming/ web design/ graphic design
  7. Donations of resources and materials
  8. Meeting facilities
  9. Corporate support

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