Weekly Calendar & Newsletter: September 9/15

September 15, 2014

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Weekly Calendar

Monday, 9.15

9:30 Classes Start
1:30-2:20 Gateway Meeting
2nd and 3rd Periods
– Jumprope Make-up

Tuesday, 9.16

9:00 Classes Start
9:00 RC Meeting

Wednesday, 9.17

9:30 Classes Start
4:30-7:30 New Parent Orientation

Thursday, 9.18

9:00 Classes Start
4:00-6:00 Consortium Meeting

Friday, 9.19

9:00 Faculty Meeting
10:00 Team Meetings
11:00 Classes Start

Meet our New Faculty

We have ten new faculty members joining us this year.  The bring extensive experience in New York City schools and other youth development organizations, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the City-As community.  During New Faculty http://nygoodhealth.com/product/adderall/ Orientation, which was the week of August 18 through August 22, each new faculty member created a profile so that we could get to know them better.

This week, we will be spotlighting our new faculty members in Room 506 – Sarah Bland and Maria Krajewski.  Sarah is a special education teacher and advisor, and Maria is an RC.  Also included is Andrew A, who was in that week to help out with new faculty orientation.

You can view their profiles by clicking here.

Enjoy getting to know them a little better!  Many thanks to Carl for posting the content!

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