Marcus Mcarthur

Marcus Mcarthur

Teacher: Marcus Room Number: 305

Q: Do you agree with the idea of learning through internship as opposed to a five day class schedule, if so, what made you switch to City As as opposed to a regular high school environment?

A: Yes, agree with the idea of having an internship experience, the students and parents job is to figure if this fits the students need, however regular classes are also beneficial. I worked at another transfer high school with students from 17-21 in a more traditional model. I came to City As School in order to look for a new opportunity in my teaching practice.

Q: How long have you worked at City As School?

A: Since 2012

Q: What subject area do you teach and if you are a resource coordinator what area do you cover?

A: I teach English and Social Studies.

Q: If you worked at a previous high school before City As, how would you compare the learning experience, would you say students learn faster in internship or in a regular classroom environment?

A: Learning here is a lot richer and more relevant to the experiences that young people are going through, a lot of the work you do in a traditional high school simply teaches you to learn what’s on the regents and not much beside that. Teachers can come up with materials that the students can think about, less testing, and the teachers can make their own material as opposed to what would be on statewide exams like the regents.

Q: Where were you born?

A: New Brunswick

Q: Side hobbies or things you enjoy doing?

A: Brooklyn.

Q: What type of college degree do you have and from where?

A: Master’s from penn state in latin american history, masters in science and special education from LIU.

Q: Side hobbies or things y