City-As-School is Hiring!

May 18, 2017

City­-As­-School seeks creative, reflective, and committed educators to become part of our vibrant learning community

Our Model and Our Students

? Founded by Fred Koury and a team of teachers in 1972, we are a transfer school serving students age 17­-22 who have encountered obstacles to success in more traditional educational settings, ranging from disaffection to bullying to homelessness to family responsibilities. Guided by core values such as freedom, trust and responsibility, we re-­engage a diverse population across the five boroughs in their own life plans, education, and communities through “learning by doing.”

? With the aid of an advisor and internship coordinator, each student self-­selects a schedule that combines a 15-­hour-­per week internship with innovative courses and seminars. Our student programs change every 9 weeks, offering students new opportunities to re-engage in school. Student schedule typically start later (9/9:30 AM) and end later (3:30/5 PM) than most schools. We also offer Saturday programs for 40% of the school year.

? As a member of the Consortium for Performance­-Based assessment, we graduate students by portfolio rather than high-­stakes testing.  All City­-As students graduate with a Regents Diploma and a personalized post-­graduation plan.

? Read more about us here on Business Insider and Good Magazine.


Teaching at City­-As

? All teachers at City­-As-­School are highly collaborative and learn from each other in a supportive professional community.  We meet weekly in teams and departments to design curricula, share materials and resources, collectively examine problems of practice, and brainstorm ways to engage our students in rigorous and meaningful inquiry in core subject­ areas and interdisciplinary internships.

? All learning experiences at City-­As-­School use the principles of project­-based learning (PBL) to engage students in meaningful learning that is ultimately shared with an authentic audience.  We see ourselves as the facilitators of learning for our students and support our students in engaging in the inquiry process through guiding questions and clear project instructions.  Our teachers attend professional development often, both inside and outside of our school, and we are always looking to better our practices for the benefit of our students.

? As a transfer school serving youth who have become alienated from school, socio­-emotional learning plays a significant role in the life of our school.  While our faculty are all content ­area experts and skilled practitioners, we all believe that we need support them in addressing personal challenges and in growing holistically just as much as we support them in their intellectual pursuits.


Getting More Information and Applying

? The best candidates will have:

? a desire to work collaboratively in teams and engage in ongoing professional learning

? a background in project­-based learning and performance-­based assessment

? several years of experience working with older students

? connections with New York City businesses and nonprofit organizations and the potential to be internship coordinators.

? Applicants will be asked to submit a 15 minute teaching video of their choice.

? If you are interested in applying for a position, please send a resume, cover letter, and statement of education philosophy to Alan Cheng at and Rachel Seher

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