Around The School: Shakespeare Mural

October 05, 2016

Hey! I’m not sure how many of you have seen this new beautiful art piece of “William Shakespeare writes a sonnet (XVI) by the LYFE center but it’s a MUST see. This piece is inspired by a poem about Edmund Spenser‘s separation with his wife Elizabeth.


fullsizerenderIf you guys analyze the picture closely you’ll notice there is a lightning cloud, a tear coming out from his eye, a ship and a star. For the people who haven’t read the sonnet and aren’t so sure what these things stand for in this art piece, i’m going to tell you!. So, Spenser uses the ship as an analogy of getting lost during the storm to basically describe his and Elizabeth’s relationship (That’s deep). The storm is supposed to represent an argument!, as most of us know arguments are always heated and dark and will sometimes end in tears which is the reason also for the tear. That basically explains two things in one. The story behind the star now is being described as navigation for him, not the north star BUT the big dipper, WOW!. when the big dipper gets all covered and he can’t see his way across the ocean anymore he starts feeling alone in darkness and starts to miss the light. He interprets the star as Elizabeth and says how he misses his “love” the light, which is really Elizabeth. He also goes on to say how much he misses her personality and her beautiful soul.


I love this piece for so so so many different reasons other than that it such a beautiful piece with a bunch of background story to it that I know I probably didn’t get to cover. But the reason why I love it is because it tells us a story that is about how no matter how bad things get, love conquers all.

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