Preeti - 207

Preeti – 207

Teacher: Pretti  Room Number: 207


Q: Do you agree with the idea of learning through internship as opposed to a five day class schedule, if so, what made you switch to City As as opposed to a regular high school environment?


A: Yes, the thing that I love about the internship program that it is really experiential. the emphasis of learning through doing.


Q: How many years have you worked at City As School?


A: Started in 2015-16 year.


Q: What subject area do you teach and if you are a resource coordinator what area do you cover?


A: I am a Science teacher as well as special education teacher.


Q: If you worked at a previous high school before City As, how would you compare the learning experience, would you say students learn faster in internship or in a regular classroom environment?


A: It depends on the internship and the student, it depends on the class, you can’t say if it’s faster or slower, but it’s a different type of learning, you activate a different part of you then a regular high school. It also reaches a larger audience of students.


Q: Where were you born?


A: Michigan.


Q: Any side hobbies or things you enjoy doing?


A: Reading, cooking, indoor rock climbing although I haven’t done that for a long time.


Q: Where do you currently live?


A: Manhattan.


Q: What type of college degree do you have and from where?


A: Bachelor from university of michigan, masters in special education from University of Virginia.