Katy Bolger

Katy Bolger

Q: Do you agree with the idea of learning through internship as opposed to a five day class schedule, if so, what made you switch to City As as opposed to a regular high school environment?

A: Experiential learning is the absolute best way for students to cut their teeth in the grown up world. Kids get to walk through doors they didn’t know existed. Connections are made, decisions on career goals are made, or amended, and resumes are built. While teaching an abbreviated week in the classroom takes some adjustment, it is worthwhile to see kids get into the world.

Q: How many years have you worked at city as school?

A: I have been at CAS since I student taught in 1998. I left for a few years to teach in the suburbs but I missed the kids at City As and came back.

Q: What subject area do you teach and if you are a resource coordinator what area do you cover?

A: I am a licensed English and drama teacher and I teach four classes of Shakespeare each year. Every year I try to add at least one more play to my repertoire. I also teach American history, journalism and movie classes.

Q: Room number?

A: 309

Q: If you worked at a previous high school before City As, how would you compare the learning experience, would you say students learn faster in internship or in a regular classroom environment?

A: Immersion in a new experience every two months.

Q: Where were you born?

A: Savannah, Georgia

Q: Side hobbies or things you enjoy doing?

A: Gardening, yoga, movies, decorating, writing letters to the editor.

Q: Currently living?

A: Rockland County

Q: What type of college degree do you have and from where?

A: A BFA from Emerson College, a Masters in Education from NYU and a Masters in Journalism from NYU

Q: Anything you are interested in or want to add at the end?

A:I think a teacher should have a philosophy of teaching and I hope to have one some day.