City-As-School Dictionary

Like any close knit community, City-As students and teachers have a language all their own.  Here are some terms you may here when you visit or if you choose to attend:

Resource or Learning Experience (LE): The site where students complete their internships.

Resource Coordinator: The City-As teacher who supervises the student’s work at the resource.

Resource Person: The adult, usually a staff person at the site, who supervises the student at the resource.

Advisor: The teacher working long-term with the student as he or she progresses through the program.  Advisors teach in their subject area and run the weekly seminar meetings.

LEAP: A student’s personal curriculum and project at a resource.  At the end of each cycle students hand in reports, also called LEAPs that address questions raised in the students resource.  For example, a student who had a placement in a pottery studio, might write a paper about the history of ceramics or produce a series of reviews about a ceramics exhibition. Students receive credit for their placement based on attendance at the resource and satisfactory completion of the LEAP.