City-As Students Explore New York During The 2015 Intensives

May 17, 2015

Every spring City-As School students travel the city as part of our Intensives. Intensives are 3-day learning experiences that immerse students in full-day learning and exploration while utitlizing the resources and institutions around New York City, and beyond. This year’s marks the fourth year of our intensives, and our teaching staff was able to create some really interesting learning experiences. Here are some of the over 20 intensives that we featured this spring:


Exploring the Music Industry

Teacher: Maria K

Description: This is an incredible three days for musicians, performers, and those interested in careers in the music industry. We will have a concert at Smash Studios; get a tour and meet with the owners of one of Brooklyn’s best music venues, The Wick, to see how to open and run a venue; have lunch and conference with digital marketers at Abstract NY to learn how to build your brand; record a song at a private recording session; and visit an audio engineering program. On Wednesday afternoon, we will perform at a huge concert at City-As with performers from around the city.


Sweet Ideas & How to Make a Business Of It

Teacher: Jackie C


Description:Do you love Donuts? Chocolate?  How about ice cream? Are you passionate about  food?  Do you have an idea for a food business you  would like to create?  During the course of our intensive we will learn about what makes a successful business, create our own  business plans and pitch these plans.   We will learn about the making of some of the sweetest desserts and how these businesses have succeeded.  And of course we will taste, sample and create some of our own decadent deliciousness.

Insight into NYC Economics

Teachers: Carl and Danny



Description:In this intensive we will talk about all of the different ways that economics affects our lives.  This will include talking with local business owners, as well as studying large corporations.  We will talk about what makes an economy function, and what forces can cause an economy to crash like it did less than a decade ago.  Participants will need to take notes and keep track of what they learn and be expected to demonstrate their learning both in writing and as part of a debate about the economic system.

Graduation!Open School Night