Megan Grace

Megan Grace

Q: Do you agree with the idea of learning through internship as opposed to a five day class schedule, if so, what made you switch to City As as opposed to a regular high school environment?

A: Absolutely, students are able to get a wider variety of experiences and everything is hands on thus it mimics the real world experience, however having regular classes is also important to a student’s learning. City As School is my first school.

Q: How many years have you worked at city as school for?

A: Since 2011

Q: What subject area do you teach and if you are a resource coordinator what area do you cover?

A: I’m a student counselor, I help students with weekly counseling sessions and help address their issues at home, school, as well as how to capitalize on their strengths, make up for shortcoming, improve themselves in certain areas. If students need help with attendance I am there, sometimes integrating with the City As Schedule can be difficult and i’m there to help with that, as well as getting help from social service agencies. Most student issues I cover.

Q: Room Number?

A: 301

Q: How would you compare the learning experience, would you say students learn faster in internship or in a regular classroom environme