Adam Santos

Adam Santos

Educational Philosophy

Adam believes that people learn best when they are engaged, comfortable and can connect

what they are learning to their own experiences. He tries to keep these principles in mind at all

times whether teaching a class or explaining baseball to his younger cousin.


Adam will act as a teacher and Resource Coordinator at City-As. His classes will focus on the

application of mathematics, engineering, and computer science through problem solving and

real world application. He hopes to infuse a quantitative element to his internships and projects.

He would like students to draw conclusions from data they experience and collect in the field.


Adam grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He attended Tufts University where he majored in

mechanical engineering. He spent two years in the Peace Corps living in Lesotho. It was here

that he fell in love with teaching. He then joined the Peace Corps Fellows at Teachers College

where he completed a masters in Math Education.

Fun Facts

Too much of Adam’s happiness depends on the outcomes of the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White

Sox, and Tottenham Hotspur. He also likes to run, climb, knit, travel, and eat.